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New danish Bravery Cross awarded for the first time

On Friday 18. November Queen Margrethe will award a new danish decoration. It is a Bravery Cross which will only be awarded in the most exceptional cases and thus is comparable with the british Victoria Cross and the american Medal of Honor.
New danish Bravery Cross awarded for the first time

The new danish Bravery Cross
(Photo: Forsvarskommandoen)

Source: Forsvarskommandoen

On November 18th, two formerly deployed soldiers from ISAF Team 9 will be honoured for their bravery at a parade at the Citadel, Copenhagen. One soldier will - as the first person - receive the new Bravery Cross from Her Majesty the Queen, while the other will receive the Defence Medal for Bravery from the Head of Defence.

Both the Bravery Cross and the Defence Medal for Bravery are given to the two soldiers for the courage they showed during fights in Afghanistan.

The recipients of the Bravery Cross and the Defence Medal for Bravery has not been briefed beforehand about the honours they are about to receive, and as an extra surprise on the occasion, the Defence has made sure that the families of the recipients will be present at the parade.

About the Bravery Cross

The Bravery Cross is a new decoration given for the most exceptional act of bravery. The act must have taken place during battle and be of such a nature that the person has acted unselfishly in a clearly dangerous situation. It must be a spectacular act for the benefit and help to others, and with the goal of finding a solution of an important task or to save the lives of others.

The Bravery Cross is approved by Her Majesty the Queen.

The Bravery Cross is the highest danish honour - given for an exceptional effort during extreme conditions and will be comparable with the british Victoria Cross or the american Congressional Medal of Honor.