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Event summary - Israeli military decorations - different principles

The military decorations of Israel was the subject of an interesting OMSD presentation on October 9th.
Event summary - Israeli military decorations - different principles

Medal of Courage
Photo: Wikipedia

Lars Stevnsborg was the presenter, and he opened with the main highlights of Israel's history from 63BC until today. The destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70AD is of importance for modern Israeli decorations. It is illustrated on the Medal of Courage with six swords and an ear of wheat in the middle, symbolizing the seven branched Menorah. The medal is awarded in a case made from olive wood. A Medal of Valour and a Medal for Distinguished Service also exist. The medals are rarely worn on uniforms.

Next level after the medals are four citations, which can be awarded to the individual soldier or to military units. These citations are on four levels: The citation of the Chief of Staff, the citation of the leader of a regional command (a general), the citation of the divisional commander and the citation of a brigade's commander. These citations are worn as ribbon bars.

Third level is ribbon bars for military actions - a total of eight - covering the period from the War of Independence in 1948 until today.

Fourth level is ribbon bars for veterans, who in different ways have participated in the fight for the independence of the state of Israel from 1909 until 1948.

In 2018 a ribbon bar - the Badge for Spearhead Fighters - was introduced and awarded after 12 months of field service. Additionally there are decorations for fallen and wounded soldiers and even stamps related to the decorations.

Additional information about the decorations:

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