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Event summary - From the collections

The OMSD event that took place in the Citadel on November 12th, was focused on orders and medals and the recipients behind them.
Event summary - From the collections

Several members brought interesting objects from their own collections, and the spread was wide - in time as well as geographically - including stories about the persons they were awarded to.

To sum it up in chronological order:

Stories were brought to life about a couple of veterans from the 1864 Danish-Prussian war, including portrait photos, a commemorative medal and also the award document for the medal - the latter being difficult to find these days.

From there to a stableboy, who later rose to high ranks in the Royal Stable staff, displaying his medals and their documents.

Then followed a couple of rarities - a chamberlain key and a 'kammerjunker' (a junior chamberlain) key from Mecklenburg-Strelitz with accompanying cases from the period 1900-1918.

Soviet war medals were also on display, a.o. to a soldier who took part in the battle of Berlin in 1945.

French decorations and award documents awarded to a Dane in the French foreign legion 1957-1962 were shown. The recipient fought in the Algier war.

Then Danish and foreign medals with papers followed, awarded to an 'inventory curator' followed by Danish and foreign decorations awarded to a captain of the Danish Guard Hussar Regiment.

Last but not least, a couple of medals with documents awarded to the train engineer who drove the coffin of the late King Frederik IX from Copenhagen to Roskilde in 1972.