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Event summary - Estonia - The centennial of the independence

Lars Stevnsborg presented the decorations of Estonia at the OMSD meeting on February 17th.
Event summary - Estonia - The centennial of the independence

The various classes of the Cross of Liberty
Graphics: Eesti Entsüklopeedia (1937)

On February 2nd, 1920 a peace agreement was signed between Estonia and Russia, resulting in the recognition of Estonia's independence. To commemorate the centennial of this agreement, OMSD focused on Estonia's decorations at the meeting on February 17th.

OMSD member Lars Stevnsborg gave a presentation, which he modestly described as an 'introduction'. It was however a very thorough and interesting presentation of the many decorations and their backgrounds. For such a small country, Estonia has a surprisingly rich and broad system of decorations.
Lars Stevnsborg particularly focused on the Cross of Liberty ("Eesti Vabadusrist"), but other orders and decorations were also thoroughly described.

The presentation had a Danish angle: Danish Baltic Auxiliary Corps and the 'Valdemar Sejr' ambulance and Estonian decorations awarded to members of these units.

Stevnsborg rounded off his presentation by showing Estonian decorations from his own collection together with Estonian phaleristic literature.