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The OMSD Journal is published approx. 2 times a year.

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OMSD has published several books with content related to orders and medals.

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Ordenshistorisk Forlag is a publisher who - independent from OMSD - publishes books about orders and medals.

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New books

New books of phaleristic interest have just been published - one about the Order of St. John in Germany and another about the decorations from the Swedish Royal Patriotic Society.
New books

Klaus H. Feder: "Johanniter in Deutschland"
Photo: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ordenskunde

Klaus H. Feder, a longtime member of OMSD and the German "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ordenskunde", is known to be a diligent and thorough author of phaleristic books. Feder has now published the book "Johanniter in Deutschland" ("The Order of St. John in Germany") about a.o. the insignias of the order.

More information regarding the content, price etc. can be found on the German society's website.

In Sweden a book of phaleristic interest was also recently published. The title is "Kungl. Patriotiska Sällskapets Medaljer och Hedersbelöningar" ("Medals and Decorations from the Royal Patriotic Society") by Bengt Gustaf Jonshult.

Sweden has seen a growing interest for phaleristic issues. A committee has been established to have a closer look at the criterias for awarding medals and orders.

Read more about the new book here (in Swedish).