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War decorations used as soft norm governance

A Swedish doctoral thesis has researched the use of decorations during Sweden's mission in Afghanistan.
War decorations used as soft norm governance

It's nothing new that orders have been used as an instrument to control foreign and domestic policy. Early knighthoods were used to show allegiance to a prince and the knight could only have one master.

Many modern decorations also encourage a specific behaviour. During wars, the decorations for valour or bravery are used to encourage actions that go above and beyond the expected.

A Swedish doctoral thesis titled "Personligt mod" ("Personal courage") by Magna Robertsson has studied the use of Swedish war decorations used as a soft governance tool during the Swedish mission in Afghanistan 2008-2012.

This is not an easy read - the doctoral thesis is 360 pages and written in an academic style. It is in Swedish with an English abstract and summary.
If you're willing to give it a try, it can be found here.