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Prince Aage's medal bar has come home

The large medal bar of Prince Aage has - after having spent some years with a French collector - finally returned to Denmark.
Prince Aage's medal bar has come home

Prince Aage's medal bar.
Photo: Museum of the Royal Life Guard

Good news in these covid-19 times: The large medal bar belonging to Prince Aage is back in Denmark and is on display at the Royal Life Guard Museum in Copenhagen.

Prince Aage's miniature bar is now mounted on his uniform on display at the Museum of the Foreign Legion in Aubagne near Marseille. Prior to that, the miniature bar was exhibited in a display case, accompanied by his head cap from the Royal Life Guard, a travel pass from King Christian X and a few other related objects.

The Prince travelled to France on October 29th, 1919 to sign up for a 1-year class a the "16e Bataillon chasseurs à pied" in Metz. The French Minister of War wanted to award Prince Aage the Knight Cross of the Legion of Honour and the Prince received it at a ceremony in Metz on November 8th, 1920 (decree dated November 20th, 1920, i.e. after he received the decoration).

Prince Aage joined the French Foreign Legion in 1922 and was awarded the Officer class of the Legion of Honour by decree of January 1st, 1932.

The medal bar contains the following decorations:

  • France - Legion of Honour (Officer)

  • France - Croix de Guerre with 2 palms and 1 star

  • France - Croix du Combattant

  • France - Colonial Medal w. 5 bars

  • Spain - Medalla 'Paz de Marruecos' 1927

  • Denmark - Order of Dannebrog, Silver Merit Cross

  • Denmark - The Golden Wedding Commemorative Decoration of King Christian IX and Queen Louise

  • Denmark - King Christian IX's Centenary Medal 1918

  • Greece - Medal for the Greco-Bulgarian War 1912-1913 w. 1 bar

  • Serbia - Commemorative Cross for the Serbo-Bulgarian War 1913

  • Thailand - King Rama VI's Coronation Medal 1911

  • Morocco - Ouissam Alaouite (Officer)

  • Finland - Civil Guard Cross of Merit

Read more on the Museum of the Royal Life Guard's facebook page (in Danish only) and on the website of the Danish Army (in Danish only).