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This year's phaleristic conference takes place in Madrid

Members of OMSD are invited to the conference, which will be held in September.
This year's phaleristic conference takes place in Madrid

Last year's phaleristic congress took place in Paris. Despite the obstacles caused by Covid-19, the French organizers managed to host a very successful conference. The main reason was the hosts ability to be flexible and the ability to - with short notice - change the program to accommodate the challenging situation.

This year, Real Academia Matritense de Heráldica y Genealogía in collaboration with Real Asociación de Hidalgos de España has offered to host a conference in Madrid. It will take place on September 16-18th and hopefully without the limitations caused by Covid-19.

Members of OMSD and associated societies are invited, but the number of seats are limited, so early registration is encouraged.

Conference program

OMSD members will receive information on how to register.