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Event summary - Royal jubilee, memorial and commemorative medals

OMSD hosted a meeting for members at the Citadel in Copenhagen on May 11th. Presenter was Rolf Christensen, major, manager of The Chapel of the Royal Orders of Knighthood and long-standing member of OMSD.
Event summary - Royal jubilee, memorial and commemorative medals

Commemorative Medal on the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Queen Ingrid's Arrival in Denmark

The subject of this evening was "Royal jubilee, memorial and commemorative medals", awarded by the Chapter of the Royal Danish Orders and the Cabinet Secretariat.
The recipients of the medals are primarily the royal family, court staff and others who aided and assisted the monarch.

Christensen went back to 1892, where the Golden Wedding Commemorative Decoration was instituted. The Chapter of the Royal Orders has a specimen in gold and in silver, but not the bronze version.

The tradition of instituting memorial decorations and centenary medals for the previous monarch, started with Christian IX's successor Frederik VIII, and was continued by Christian X and Frederik IX.

A new type of medal was instituted to commemorate the 50 years anniversary of Queen Ingrid's arrival in Denmark. Not many were awarded and copies are known.

Many of the newer commemorative medals feature a new portrait of the Queen.
The commemorative medal to celebrate the Queen's 75th birthday is worn on the ribbon of the order of Dannebrog as opposed to other commemorative medals. The red edge stripes on this ribbon, however, is a nuance darker than the Dannebrog ribbon.

The presentation was accompanied by a spectacular exhibition of medals, award papers and medal cases. Many of the cases for these medals are manufactured by the Danish prison and probation service, who also makes the cases for the Order of Dannebrog. The company Jarnes A/S in Hjallerup manufactured the case for the Queen's accession medal 1972-2022.