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Event summary - Orders and medals of Greece

The fall season of OMSD events was kicked off on Sept. 12th with a presentation of the orders and medals of Greece.
Event summary - Orders and medals of Greece

The Greek Order of Sts. George & Constantine
Photo: Wikipedia

The presentation was initially planned for last year to commemorate the independence of Greece, but was delayed due to Covid-19. It was worth the wait as Lars Stevnsborg delivered a very interesting presentation with great insight and enthusiasm.

It started with a timeline of Greece's varied history as kingdom, republic and with civil war and dictatorship. In connection with this followed a mention of the institution of various orders and medals, e.g. the Order of the Redeemer in five clases (1833) and the War Cross (1834). There are a multitude of manufacturers - greek and foreign - of the Order of the Redeemer.
The commemorative medals for the Balkan war were also covered, as was the Order of Georg I (1915), which also was made by many different manufacturers.

The Greek version of the interallied World War I Victory Medal was mentioned as being relatively rare.

The presentation continued with The Order of the Phoenix (1926) and the royal house orders of Sts. George and Constantine (1935/1936) and Sts. Olga and Sophia (1935, only awarded to women), followed by various medals associated with World War II plus the beautiful Centenary Memorial Medal of the Greek Royal Family (Glüksburg).

After the presentation there was a chance to inspect Greek orders and medals, including an interesting medal bar.

The event was held in the library of the Danish Numismatic Society at Vesterbro in Copenhagen. OMSD wishes to thank the numismatists for making the location available.