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OMSD Journal

The OMSD Journal is published approx. 2 times a year.

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OMSD Books

OMSD has published several books with content related to orders and medals.

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OMSD Publishing

Ordenshistorisk Forlag is a publisher who - independent from OMSD - publishes books about orders and medals.

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Members of the board
President Vice president
Sven Philip Jørgensen
Sven Philip
Jan René Westh
Jan René Westh
Treasurer Member
Lars Søndergaard
Lars Søndergaard
Lars Stevnsborg
Lars Stevnsborg
Webmaster Substitute
Michael Rindsig
Michael Rindsig
Anders Vidstrup
Anders Vidstrup
OMSD Journal
Michael Rindsig
Michael Rindsig
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    You will be able to join OMSD events, like meetings and presentations (8-10 times per year).

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    You will receive the OMSD Journal twice a year.

  • Network

    You will join a network of like-minded people - a great opportunity to exchange information.

  • The website's member pages

    You will have access to OMSD website's member pages, which a.o. contain reference books, an article archive and information about copies.

  • Commission sale

    You will be able to buy and sell at the annual commission sale.

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  • "Is this medal a copy or an original?"

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