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OMSD Journal

The OMSD Journal is published approx. 2 times a year.

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OMSD Books

OMSD has published several books with content related to orders and medals.

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OMSD Publishing

Ordenshistorisk Forlag is a publisher who - independent from OMSD - publishes books about orders and medals.

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OMSD Events

Coming events 2024:

14/2:World War I
12/3:General Meeting
20/4:Commission sale

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Ribbon Guide

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Here knowledge, contacts and other information is requested.

The OMSD Collection

The OMSD Collection is a collection of orders, medals etc. donated to OMSD.

Danish Museums

This is a list of danish museums with permanent exhibitions related to orders and medals.

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Danish War Museum Danish War Museum
Tøjhusgade 3, 1220 Copenhagen K
The Danish War Museum, formerly known as the 'Tøjhus' (arsenal), was built by King Christian IV more than 400 years ago. In the enormous exhibition halls from the period, thousands of weapons, armour and other military related objects from medieval times to the present day are displayed.
Rosenborg Castle Rosenborg Castle
Øster Voldgade 4A, 1350 Copenhagen K
Rosenborg Castle is not only a beautiful historical building. It is also a fascinating cultural museum, which contains some of Denmark's greatest treasures - among them the crown regalia and the crown jewels.
Frihedsmuseet Frihedsmuseet
Churchillparken 7, 1263 Copenhagen K
Frihedsmuseet (Museum of Danish Resistance 1940-45) tells the story about the danish resistance against the german occupation 1940-45. The exhibition has roots back to the exhibition 'The Fighting Denmark' by the Freedom Council in the summer of liberation 1945. In 1957 the museum got it's own building.
Frederiksborg Castle Frederiksborg Castle
Frederiksborg Castle, 3400 Hillerød
Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød was built in the 17th century by King Christian IV. The Castle Chapel contains the coats-of-arms of Knights of the Order of the Elephant and Grand Cross Knights of the Order of Dannebrog.

The Amalienborg Museum The Amalienborg Museum
Christian VIII's Palæ, 1257 Copenhagen K
The Amalienborg Museum is located in Christian VIII's Palæ in Copenhagen. On the first floor is the Cabinet of Orders which displays the insignias of the Order of the Elephant and the Order of Dannebrog.