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The Order of Fidelity

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The Order of Fidelity

The Order of Fidelity (also known as the "Order de l'Union Parfaite" and the "Order In Felicissimæ Unionis Memoriam") was instituted on August 7th, 1732 by Queen Sofie Magdalene to celebrate the King and Queen's 11th wedding anniversary.

The order could be awarded to both men and women and was worn from a ribbon on the chest - for women the ribbon was tied in a bow.

The use of the order disappeared after the Queen's death in 1770.

Those who were awarded the order had to return it if they were later awarded the Order of Queen Mathilde.

At the time of institution of the order, the order was awarded with diamonds to:

  • Queen Sofie Magdalene
  • King Christian VI
  • Crown prince Frederik
  • Christiane Sophie of Brandenburg-Kulmbach (the Queen's mother)
  • Frederik Ernst (the Queen's brother) and his wife

Furthermore the order was awarded without diamonds to a number of high ranking men and women.

During its lifespan the order was awarded approx. 400 times. The badge of the order had to be returned when the recipient died.

The Order of Fidelity - badge of the order

Badge of the order set with diamonds
(Rosenborg Castle)

The badge of the order

The badge of the order is a white enamelled cross with crowns at the end of each cross arm. Between the cross arms is the norwegian lion and the brandenburg red eagle. In the center a light blue enamelled medallion with a crowned monogram of the combined initials 'SM' and 'C6'. The reverse of the medallion is engraved "In Felicissimæ Unionis Memoriam".

The ribbon is light blue with silver edge stripes.

There are no known preserved statutes for the order.


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