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OMSD Journal

The OMSD Journal is published approx. 2 times a year.

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OMSD Books

OMSD has published several books with content related to orders and medals.

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OMSD Publishing

Ordenshistorisk Forlag is a publisher who - independent from OMSD - publishes books about orders and medals.

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OMSD Events

Coming events 2022:

12/9:Orders and medals of Greece
8/10:Diocesan orders at Roskilde Kloster
TBD:Cases for orders and medals
TBD:Christmas meeting

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Ribbon Guide

Click here to see a list of ribbons for Danish orders and medals.


Here knowledge, contacts and other information is requested.

The OMSD Collection

The OMSD Collection is a collection of orders, medals etc. donated to OMSD.


OMSD Events

Monday the 12. September 2022   Orders and medals of Greece

Copenhagen, Meeting room of Numismatisk Forening on Sønder Boulevard 65 - at 19:30ChIJUfCLYHZTUkYR7cs6obA8W_I15

Lars Stevnsborg presents "Orders and Medals of Greece" on the occasion of the bicentennial of modern Greece.

Saturday the 8. October 2022   Diocesan orders at Roskilde Kloster

Roskilde Kloster - at 12:30ChIJj9jNhdpfUkYReO48wjdwhdY14

Diocesan orders at Roskilde Kloster

A visit to Roskilde Kloster to explore the exhibition of diocesan orders. Diocesan orders from the OMSD Collection will be on display.

A tour of the convent by Convent Manager Søren Lyder Jacobsen followed by a presentation by Lars Stevnsborg about Convent-/Diocesan orders.

"Friends of Roskilde Kloster" are invited to attend the presentation.

It will be possible to bring spouses. Registration is required due to the setup in the convent's great hall.

Date to follow   Cases for orders and medals

Copenhagen, The Citadel, "Gl. Varmecentral" - at 19:30ChIJ5fYg-d9SUkYRriipeIltypk15

More information to come.

Date to follow   Christmas meeting

Copenhagen, The Citadel, "Gl. Varmecentral" - at 19:30ChIJ5fYg-d9SUkYRriipeIltypk15

Christmas meeting

Christmas meeting. The traditional Christmas meeting in the Society.